My First 4-Step Critique

4-Step Critique

Step 1: Describe What You See

In this picture I see a woman that is unconscious and is being held by one hand. It seems like she is trying to be helped by the show of the hand holding her. I see that she is in a patch of flowers. Lastly she is wearing all black and it looks fancy.

Step 2: Analyze the Composition

The picture demonstrates the angle of the camera high angle. The low angle makes it seem like it is less important than an eye view point. A compositional guide line would be viewpoint because it’s looking at the woman down. I also see that the photographer blurred out the hand that is helping the woman.

Step 3: Interpret What It Communicates

I believe that this picture communicates that when we are at our lowest there is almost no one that is going to help us. Maybe there be one person like shown in this picture but there may not be which is shown in the pictured as blurred. I also believe that the black clothes the woman is wearing represents her death since people at funerals were black.

Step 4: Evaluate/Judge

I really liked this picture and believe he did a good job in delivering his message. I like this messages because it is true there is many people that will not help you when you are at your lowest because they are more worried about themselves. I really like how the photographer displayed this message by blurring out the helping hand.


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