Photo Collage


  • Naps- I like to take naps because I relax.
  • Banda MS- I love to listen to their  music because I like Banda
  • My Phone- I like to be on my phone because I like to text people.
  • Disneyland- I like to go there because I feel like a little kid again.
  • Netflix- I like to watch movies because I like to hear stories.
  • Apple- I like their products like iPhones, Ipads, and MacBooks
  • Volleyball- I love this sport because I am very active
  • Eat, sleep, volleyball- My  favorite things to do.
  • Night time- My favorite time of the day because I like darkness.
  • Dr. Pepper- My favorite drink because it is the best soda although people say it tastes like medicine.
  • In N Out- My absolutely favorite plate to eat I like the burgers and fries.
  • Pizza Hut- My second favorite place to eat because I love pizza.
  • Nike- My favorite sports wear brand because it’s very comfortable.
  • September 18, 2015- A very  special date.

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