Shooting Texture

Here are some thing you need to get started on taking a Texture Shot: camera, tripod, 50mm prime lens (if could not get you can use a 35mm lens pictures will still be alright), texture and your imagination. Connect your lens (50mm prime lens or if cannot get that one the 35mm lens) to make the picture clear and show little to no distortion. Be sure to also have and use the tripod to your advantage to make the pictures are sharp and not blurry with you unsteady motion. After you set up your camera with your tripod set your camera to manual mode and set it to a high aperture, slow shutter speed, lowest ISO (mess with this setting till you get the picture how you want it) to get the best picture. Light should also be an important part of you shot. The most preferable shot would be in a sunny day; with more light the color stand out more.The times that are best would be on sunrise and sunset.

Lastly this shot should be fun and creative; use you imagination and really let things flow. Don’t be afraid to try new things like: high, low, and tilt angle, go on the floor, stand on a chair (but of course be careful! Don’t go too crazy with them). Be creative.10 Some examples of these shots can be shown above. Here’s some you can try: brick wall, colorful fabric, any other walls, your pets, your blankets, a box, and many more things. Go now have fun and don’t forget to keep an open mind there is no wrong idea.

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