Critique on Brian Harkin

event planner Bronson Van Wyck
photo © 2013 Brian Harkin

Step 1: Describe What You See

In this picture I see a man pouring a glass of champagne. There is red flowers next to the glasses he is pouring. Also next to the glasses he is pouring there is an ice bucket. From the look of his face he just opened the bottle and is hoping he doesn’t spill it or he is just exaggerating what he is doing.

Step 2: Analyze the Composition

The background is in a way blurred to create a more focus to the guy and what he is doing. The man is placed more in the left side and center of the picture cutting out his elbow a bit. The cup he is pouring the champagne into creates the rule of thirds. The front of the bottle and his hands are also blurred causing us to look more at what he is doing.

Step 3: Interpret What It Communicates

What I think it is trying to communicate is that he loves his job and likes organizing fancy and elegant parties. That he also has a good taste in fancy parties. It’s also trying to communicate that he feels comfortable in what he is wearing. He also seems happy and relaxed in his environment by the look on his face. He loves his work.

Step 4: Evaluate/Judge

I really like his work it. It’s very organized the way he set up his environment of this party planner. I like how he had him make a face and pour the wine as if he was having fun working. The background seems very elegant and very bright. He knew how to balanced his colors and objects on the screen.

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