Learning About Camera Settings

Exposure: is how much or how little of something you want in your picture. Depending on what you want to be exposed you have to be mindful of

Aperture: is how much you want to focus on a certain object, or scenery. The higher the aperture the more it focus’ on one specific thing and blurs everything else out. The lower the aperture the more it focus’ on the entire setting nothing gets blurred out.

Shutter speed: is when you want to create a type of illusion of movement or when something is in thin air. The higher the shutter speed, the better you will capture an image as if you were frozen in time. The slower the shutter speed it seems a bit blurry due to the illusion of motion.

ISO: is like the quality of the picture itself, if its clear and detailed or grainy and unable to give specific detail. The higher the ISO the clearer the vison or photo. The lower ISO the more grainy the photo will seem.

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