Depth Of Field Photos

The purpose of this assignment was to test how different aspects of a camera, such as F-Stop and Shutter Speed, affect the photo’s depth of field. We started off with a low aperture and a high shutter speed to capture an image with a shallow depth of field. We were asked to take photos of an object starting off with a very shallow depth of field and progressively make the image have a greater depth of field. For each photo we increased the aperture and decreased the shutter speed to create a greater depth of field. The ISO and focal length remained the same in all of the images because they didn’t affect the depth of field in this case.

My group worked well together and took turns taking the photos. We did a good job at capturing the change in the depth of fields in the images above.  For each photo we increased the f-stop and lowered the shutter speed as instructed and overall did well at displaying various depths of fields.

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