Rules of Composition

Composition in photograph is when you use certain rules to fully express the vision you want to create. Everyone already has the rules in mind when they come to photos, they are just the way you create the actual photo. Here are a few of the ones I will be demonstrating:

Rule #1: Rule of Thirds, when you divide a picture evenly into 9 parts(3 by 3).

Rule #2: Balancing Elements, when each side has even amounts of objects whether it be physical objects or shadows.

Rule #3: Rule of Odds, when you have an odd number,(1,3,5,7,9,ect…) of the same objects all in one picture.

Rule #4: Leaving Space, when the direction of the object you take a picture of is empty, or there is space left in front of it as if it had room to move.

Rule #5: Fill in the Frame, when the picture has no space for anything, as if the objects took up all the room in the frame of the picture.

Rule #6: Framing Subject, when you create a frame for the main object in the photo.

Rule #7: Leading Lines, when you create a path or use real life lines to lead the person viewing you picture to the main object.

Rule #8: Viewpoint, when you take a picture as if it was seen from a certain angle whether it be look down at something or to the side of it.

Rule #9: Simplicity, when you give off a mellow tone and don’t have to much going on in the photo.

Rule #10: Contrast, when you contrast the colors, colors meaning the dark and light of the photo.

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