All About Me

The pictures that I chose represent me because these are all the things that make me happy, I tend to focus on the bright things rather than the dark. I’m in basketball, I am the captain of the JV team at the moment, it gives me somewhere to relieve my stress. I tend to roll my eyes a lot even when I don’t mean to. My family mean so much to me, I consider all of them my best friends, I tell them everything and I can never get bored of them. I can honestly say that they are the reason I strive for success. My boyfriend is honestly my peace and sanity. I can come to him about anything and he always has the right words to tell me, he is my world, I absolutely adore him, I cant picture my life without him. I love music, music takes me to a whole other level or state of mind, I don’t have a specific type. I listen to everything whether it be rock, slow songs, hip, rap, classic, oldies, or even jazz. I have heard it all. I love Disney, not so much Disney land but the concept of Disney gives my inner child the life it needs (its magical) . I love movies as well, mainly old school greaser movies or love stories. The car I want so badly is an old school Camaro, my grandpa used to have one but he sold it and now I crave it. The background of these is split into two, the top one is when the sun is setting, my favorite time of day, and the second one is clouds because that is my favorite type of weather.

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