4-Step Critique

Describe: There are people walking on a railroad track. They are all wearing faded color clothes, holding black umbrellas. There is this old man walking on the grass part of the photo wearing an orange shirt. They are on like what seems to be a track over a river but with little land around the track. There is this little boy on the left of them by himself.

Analyze: One of the rules used to create this photo is leaving space, in front of all the people is some space as if they all were going a different direction but one man is going another. Another rule is diagonals, the rail road tracks are our leading lines and they are diagonal. Another rule I would say is contrast because the photographer used a darker lighting where the tracks are and made the grass and the one man going a different way, seem brighter. It’s clear that he wanted the old man to stand out.

Interpret: I think that this photo is giving off the idea that people in life shouldn’t follow the crowd. That it’s okay to go your own way and stand out; to be you. By using the dark colors for the people all walking in a straight line, the photographer made it clear that, that was the negative part of the photo. Also, as you age, you realize what is most important in life, it shows a little boy to the left going his own way then it shows what I think are teenagers walking in that line and the old man going his own way. I think it shows the little boy and the teenagers and the old man to show the stages of life. Priorities become clearer with time.

Judge: I give this photo a 10/10 on the visual and deeper meaning. It clearly states its reason and message. I chose this photo because I feel like this is a moral lesson that I have been taught all my life. That’s why people think I’m so mature, I feel like I know what my priorities are and I know to be myself and not follow the crowd. Uniqueness is not a burden or a curse it is something that people should admire and seek for.

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