Portrait Photography

What makes this a great portrait is that it is well lit. The subject is clear and stands out from the background. The colors that were chosen were good because it made her skin well and her eyes stand out. It blurred outs the background making our eyes focus more on the subject. Overall it shows the subject’s features.

This picture is great because the picture is clear and shows details that demonstrate the girls traits. We could see the subject’s feature like it does not look just flat. It is well light and makes the colors pop. It brings attention to the green and orange the that girl is wearing. It blurs out the background leading our eyes to the subject’s eyes. It gets a message that no matter what anyone can be photographed.

This picture is a great picture because we can see the guys eyes through the glasses. The glare is in the picture but it is minimal. The background is completely blurred and the guy really stands out from the background. You can see the guys details like his teeth, eyes, and beard. This a good picture because I feel it captures who he really is.

This picture is great because the colors are all similar but they all stand out individually. The color from her lips and the background are the same but each stands out and brings a kick to the picture. Just all the colors together make the subject’s features stand out and bring some in sight to her personality. The lighting brings out her smooth skin and her make up look perfect. This picture is overall good because it shows who she is.

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