New Year

My three favorite memories from 2017 are my beach party from when I turned 16 , when I went to San Francisco and homecoming.

Three things I am grateful for are my family, friends and being able to get a new house.

One hard lesson I learned was to not let  my grades drop again because it was hard and stressful to get them back up.

I’m definitely proud of getting my basketball game up to where it should be and making captain.

Three places I want to go this year I would say are Mexico, Las Vegas, and back to San Francisco.

A few ways I can help others is to start being nicer to my little brothers and to start helping my mom out with her study habits for nursing school.

Something that I am always going to want to get better at will always be basketball because I know it can really help me set my future.

I’m looking forward to meeting my tia Renne’s baby and I hope to be driving in the near future.

Three new things I’m looking forward to doing this year are keeping up with my new room, I’m really looking forward to driving but I’m scared and being able to cook new recipes.

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