My 2018 Collage

My two favorite memories from 2017 were seeing The Buttertones and having karaoke nights with my friends.

Things I am grateful for are food and my friends.

A hard lesson I learned was to not trust people so easily which has created bad memories but most of my 2017 is filled with amazing memories.

Something I am proud of is that I’ve gotten much better at public speaking and presentations in.

Three places I want to go in 2018 include Amoeba Music, explore Long Beach, and go to Chick-fil-a because I’ve never been.

Something I would like to get better at is playing the piano and my patch making.

Two things I’m looking forward include my birthday and Christmas, which is why I put the lights on top(I used 3 different pics of lights and set them together).

Three new thingd I would like to try in 2018 are snowboarding, go kart racing, and sushi.

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