Ground Level Critique

  1. In the photo, one can see a young poodle mix breed with curly light brown fur and medium brown ears. The dog is laying in a backyard on grass.
  2. The photographer used a very low depth of field because anything past the dog blurs out. Simplicity is used so the focus is left upon the dog and leaving space is used since there is space left around the dog’s face in the photo. The lighting used was open lighting because the light within the photo is consistent.
  3. I think the photo symbolizes how a dog really can be a human’s best friend. This photo portrays how attentive dogs can be and how you can lay with they and they’ll listen because the dog locks eyes with the viewer.
  4. The photo is successful because the focus is clearly upon the dog due to the low depth of field. I personally favor pictures with low depths of field so that caught my attention, and of course the precious dog caught my eye. The lighting in the photo also makes it successful.

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