Authentic Portrait’s of Ricardo Lopez

I chose my grandpa Rick for these portraits because I realize that he doesn’t get noticed enough for all the things he does for my family. Don’t get me wrong my family and I love him but he is always working and tries his best to be able to spend time with family but I know sometimes he just can’t. So I decided to do this to help let him know that its okay to miss out sometimes, that I see his sacrifices. I tried to choose ones where he was smiling because he is a very serious person, I love his smile, to me it takes away all his hurt from the past.

No matter what, my grandpa has always been there for my family even when he isn’t. He shows me how a man is suppose to treat a woman. The way he cares for my sick grandma is unbelievable considering his working hours. He is so calm, always and he has never yelled at me or my brothers. I truly adore my grandpa, he can never be replaced. I want to honor him well I still can, while he is still here.

grandpa rick-114brms

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