When this project was first presented to me I didn’t have a strategy going into it. I over looked threw the photos that were in the post, and I was thinking of just recreating some of them. First I started to just take pictures of students that were on the wheel , I didn’t want to get in there way so I took them from a far, I wish I would of took them closer because of the texture in the photograph. I took all candid shots because again I didn’t want to get in there space while they were working. The top two pictures are both handwork that students made on the 2nd photo I tried to go in a bit closer to get texture but didn’t really achieve that. The third one at the top is a picture of the carving tools that are mostly used while hand building. The 3 pictures at the bottom are all wheel work pictures, I tried showing the 2 stages there is while on the wheel.

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