Ceramics Documentary

I was one of the last people to go to take pictures of the people in the 5th period ceramics. No one in the class was on the turning tables, but instead I took pictures of what there was on them. The first picture I believe was a bad example of what someone need to do in the class. In the second picture I believe was a good example of what needed to be done in the class. I believed that I needed to provide these examples because I had to document the class and what they do right and wrong I felt needed to be expressed. I also thought that it was important to take a picture of some of the materials that are use in the class. The first picture of the material was in one side and the second was from the opposite sides. I just wanted to see how people would pick up the materials from each angle. The second to last picture was a picture of some of the techniques that are used while making designs on their bowl. The last picture was a student making their bowl smooth by using water and he was pick up the extra pieces. I felt these pictures needed to be included because it is the whole core of the class and without it would not be ceramics. I decided that candid picture were the best for documenting the ceramics because you caught the essence of the class instead of having a model pose.

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