Authentic Portrait Peer Critique

Portrait critique

Describe: In these photos there is woman who is playing with a dandelion, the first one is in black and white, she is just admiring the dandelion she is wearing a white t-shirt, she has a hombre from brown to blonde. She is wearing a dark red lipstick, and has he nails painted the second photo she is blowing on the dandelion and its little white pieces are flying away, she seems to be in a back yard.

Analyze: from what it looks like, the photographer took pictures on a forecast day. The also used a fast shutter speed to be able to catch the movement of the dandelion. They also used a low f-stop to be able to make the background blurry. The lighting was just really nice they probably took forever to find the right ISO.

Interpret: I think the tone that the photographer wanted was a nice mellow tone nothing too exciting or too bad. The woman seems happy with nature, and she seems to have a simply kind of look nothing to flashy either, very conservative and well put together. It’s nice to see how people can make such a huge difference in others lives.

Judge/Evaluate: The lighting made the photos come together and really brought out nice details within the photo. I think it would of been better if in one of the photos she was looking at the camera or just being able to see her eyes would be nice. And I think that I would give the photographer an eight out of ten.

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