Assignment 2: Critique

Describe: In all the different photos it shows different Philippine people writing stuff down in front of pictures of themselves. They are attending their own mock funeral. They are all wearing the same type of rope and they all get into their own coffins. There are pictures of other workers tying up their wrists and covering their eyes with cloth. There are lots of people ad lots of coffins.

Analyze: These photos were taken almost all at eye level angle, some at a low looking angle, none at a ground level angle which would have been a good one. They all probably had a fast shutter speed and a high f-stop with an ISO of maybe like 1600. The area didn’t have much light so the photographer had to have changed all these settings. The photographer used lots of patterns in the pictures with the coffins and with the preparation of the coffins.

Interpret: They say the reason was a type of therapy and that could be it but I think that these people were depressed. If they were all curious to see how it would feel to be dead, then they really have things that they are just not talking about. I think that these people came out of it with a wakeup call. They realized that their life is precious, and what their families would go through if they really died.

Evaluate: I think that the photographer did a good job, I feel like he or she could have gotten better images of the tears. I also feel like they took a lot of the same pictures. They should try to use many different angles rather than just eye level. But all in all I would have to give this piece an eight out of ten.

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