Breaking Gender Roles

F Stop-5.6 , Shutter Speed-1/160 , ISO-200, Focal Length- 52 mm


F Stop-f/4 , Shutter Speed-1/1000, ISO-100 , Focal Length-29 mm


F Stop-f/4 , Shutter Speed-1/800 , ISO-800 , Focal Length-27mm


F Stop-f/5 , Shutter Speed-1/500 , ISO- 200, Focal Length- 46mm


F Stop-f/5 , Shutter Speed-1/400 , ISO-100 , Focal Length-37mm 

For my photo essay, Breaking Gender Roles, I wanted to display how men can be fragile, full of emotion, and gentle. Often in todays and past societies, it has been a taboo for boys to share their emotions because they may come off as ‘weak’. I wanted to challenge that thought and showcase boys enjoying simple things that are beautiful such as makeup, flowers, and little stickers; but because of gender norms, it’s unusual for them to like it. I also wanted to demonstrate how powerful women can be while being fierce. I displayed strong women in this essay and had one pose with her boxing gear and another recreate the “We Can Do It!” poster. I hope to reveal to the viewers of these photos how everyone finds joy in different things so we shouldn’t let traditional gender roles get in the way of allowing them to still enjoy it, nor should they be judged for liking it.

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