Rules of Compostition

Rule of thirds–  When you align your subject along with 2 horizontal or 2 vertical lines, creating a visually appealing effect.



Leading lines– When anything that creates a line that leads the eye to an important factor of the photo.



Symmetry– When objects in a photo balance each other out.




Patterns– When a pattern is showcased within the photo, creating a visually appealing image.



Framing– When you isolate the main focus and surround it with other objects, creating a framing effect to help highlight it.



Viewpoint– There are many forms of viewpoint such as birds eye, worms eye, ground level, eye level, etc. Viewpoint is the angle from which the photo is taken.



Simplicity– When a phot has a lot of empty space, cutting out any distractions.



Fill the frame– When a photo is close-up to where the image takes up most of the space.



Balance– When a photo is made even with two subjects complimenting each other.



Depth of field– This gives a photo more dimension by either blurring out the background, creating a shallow depth of field. Or everything in the photo, close or far, will come out clear, creating a great depth of field.


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