Thursday 8/27: “My Object” Photo Project-Due today by end of class!

1. In this first assignment I want you to look around your house and find something that represents who you are. Find something that is super special to you, or an object someone gave to you that has significance in your life.

2. Now that you have selected the object, I want you to have a little photo shoot with it!

3. At this point, I know I haven’t taught you much about photography. I want to you to put on your “photography hat” and pretend you have been hired by a company to photograph that thing. You are going to fake being a hot shot photographer.

4. After you have taken a collection of photographs (at least 15), I want you to choose your best shot and edit it using only the image editing facilities on your phone. Watch the short videos attached below that shows you how to do this.

5. Click the Padlet link or scan QR code (located in Teams assignment), upload your edited photograph and include a brief comment about your object; why you chose it and what it means to you.

6. Finally, go back to the Teams assignment and turn in a screenshot of the 15 photos you took to get your full points.


What a good one looks like:



Basic Editing on Smartphone Video_Edpuzzle link

Basic Editing on Smartphone Video_YouTube link

My Screen Recording on iPhone_Stream Link

Screenshots for quick reference:


Padlet Links/QR Codes:

Go to Assignment on Teams to get the Padlet link for your class period.


Turning in work on Teams: for your screenshot of 15 photos







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