Welcome to Week 2! Monday 8/31/20

Before we begin, please take this survey: Monday’s Survey 8/31/20

You all did a wonderful job on your first photo project!  I appreciated all the great comments you left for your peers. I also enjoyed reading your critiques and will get to all your reflections soon!

History of Photography 1


A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera. It involves placing things on the surface of a light sensitive material and then exposing them to light. Traditionally this process has been done using photographic paper. During this lesson, you will learn how to fake creating a photogram using your mobile phone and editing.

  • Step 1: Do a quick Google image search for Photograms and have a look at some of the fantastic examples.

  • Step 2: Using a sheet of white paper (or a white surface such as a kitchen worktop, T-shirt, or pillowcase), arrange a few found objects on top.  Experiment with how you layout the items to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Want to take it to the next level? Arrange the objects to communicate a narrative/story!

  • Step 3: Take a the shot from above. Tap the screen to make sure it is in focus. Take at least 10 photographs (you can tweak/change the objects in between shots if you like).

  • Step 4: Choose your favorite photographs and edit them using the ‘Curves’ tool in Snapseed to convert it to a negative image. Then use the ‘Noir’ filter on Snapseed to complete the photogram effect. Watch the video below to see how to do this. (YouTube version and Edpuzzle Version are provided)

  • Step 5: Choose your best 2 photograms to submit in Teams along with the original photo (so your before & after for each).  You may submit in a collage grid if you like.  Due today!

Here are some student examples!


Screenshots of the editing process in Snapseed:

Credit goes to Amber Fox and Betty Lark Ross of the Facebook group High School Photography Educators for the lesson idea, resources and images. Credit to Sue Farrimond for the video tutorials.



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