Friday 9/4/20: Photographer Spotlight: Gabriele Galimberti + Cropping Assignment

Objectives of the day:

-Explore the work of a famous photographer

-Transform the composition and visual effect of a photograph simply by cropping and editing.

Photographer Spotlight: Gabriele Galimberti

We will begin by taking a look at the work of Italian photographer, Gabriele Galimberti. Particularly his series titled, Toy Stories.

Gabriele Galimberti: Toy Stories Question

Cropping Assignment Due Today!

For this lesson I want you to take 10 photos of anything you want and then CROP them! In this exercise you will learn about the power of cropping and how it can really make an image go from blah to amazing.

Step 1: Walk around your home and take pictures of anything you want.

Step 2: Watch this YouTube video which will give you lots of tips on how you can crop effectively.

Step 3: Using the crop tool on Snapseed, you should crop the images to make a more interesting composition. For example, you could fill the frame more, or you could position the main focus in the center or to the left or the right.

Step 4: Once you have cropped, you should edit the color and contrast. Maybe make a few of them black and white. You can use your mobile phone or the free Snapseed app to edit.

Step 5: Using the collage function on your phone or PicCollage, create a simple before and after collage of your 3 favorite shots. Watch these YouTube videos which show you how to do this: Phone collage, PicCollage app

Step 6: Go to Teams Assignments and upload your 3 collage files.

Due Today!

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