HW for Weekend, Due By Monday 9/14/20: Natural Framing

FINDING NATURAL FRAMES- Due by Monday 9/14/20

By being aware of all elements in the scene, a photographer can adjust their perspective to use potentially distracting objects as natural frames. Doorways, graffiti, branches, rock formations, etc. can all be used to frame a subject resulting in a creative images that brings additional focus to the subject.

This weekend you are going to look for frames or use your own objects to shoot through. With practice, you’ll notice natural framing elements quickly and improve your photography composition. Framing your subjects will give your subjects added appeal and show your audience what you want them to see.

The role of any rule of composition is to draw the eye into a photograph. Framing refers to using elements of a scene to create a frame within your frame. For example, you might shoot through a doorway, pulled back curtains, branches, fences, tunnels, or arches to highlight your subject. Adding a focal point through framing shows a viewer exactly where to look. Aside from directing attention, the use of framing gives a photo context.

Foreground elements around your subject, for example, add to the story told by your image. A frame formed by branches or flowers indicates that the photo was taken in a forest or garden. Books surrounding the edges of the image show that the subject is in a library. Random things that make for interesting pictures include rings, funnels, toilet paper tubes, picture frames, and magnifying glasses. Framing your subject with unusual items can make for interesting and abstract results.

  1. Watch this YouTube video to learn more about this important photographic technique:

What to do:

2. Find a subject and frame it with something from architecture, nature, or things around your home that can act as a frame. You can use anything you like to act as a frame. This YouTube video focuses on using tubes (toilet roll tubes etc) to take photographs through

3. Do this with many subjects/subject matter taking multiple shots each time.

4. Pick you favorite three and edit them using Snapseed.

5. Then put your 3 edited photos into a collage. Use PicCollage for this. Watch this YouTube videos which show you how to do this: PicCollage app.  Submit the 3 edited photos individually into Teams.

6. Submit into the Teams assignment folder titled, Natural Frames Photos.

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