Monday 9/14/20: Group Breakout Room Critique + Rules of Composition Review Project

Today you will be assigned a group and will meet with them in a breakout room in Teams.

You will be asked to turn your camera on while meeting in the breakout room.

  1. Introduce yourselves: provide your name, grade level, plus 2 other fun facts about you!  Oldest person goes first, then second oldest…etc. 
  2. The first person that spoke will then need to share their screen (I will show how to do this) to show the others in the group their digital collage project. Share your process and challenges while you show it.
    (If you don’t have your Digital Collage completed, explain to your group why and instead show either your Natural Framing photos you captured over the weekend or whichever photo project you last completed, such as your Color Grids.)
  3. The others in the group then take turns (by age order) providing one praise + one improvement.
  4. Repeat this process until everyone has shared.

Rules of Composition Review Photo PowerPoint Assignment:

  1. Take notes on the Rules of Composition PowerPoint. Link provided below.
  2. Take photos around your house and yard for each of the rules (8 total).
  3. Select your best example for each and edit on your phone or Snapseed.
  4. Create your own Rules of Composition PowerPoint with your edited examples. Be sure to title each slide with the rule.  Include the definition of the rule plus brief explanation of how your photo demonstrates it. (You can create your own PPT file or use the template I provided in the Teams assignment, “My Rules of Composition Photos”.)

Rules of Composition PowerPoint_Teams File Link

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