Monday 9/21/20: “Photo Shoet” (get it?)

“Photo SHOET”

During this assignment you will create an advertisement like collage of your favorite shoes. Imagine some counterfeiter will be using your images to create an exact copy of the shoe, so details are important. Your assignment is to shoot a shoe from 25 different angles, edit them either in a high contrast black and white or bright and colorful edit and be consistent with all your editing so all your pictures look the same. For this assignment, you are going to demonstrate your ability to take pictures from many different angles of a shoe.

  1. Choose your favorite shoe, a well-worn shoe, a colorful shoe, or a friends, but it has to be a shoe.

  2. Take a total of 25 DIFFERENT pictures of the same shoe.

  3. Look for different angles and perspectives on the shoe.

  4. GET CLOSE and get creative with the shoe! FILL YOUR FRAME!

  5. Choose a well-lit area and make sure the background is not cluttered, which may cause a distraction from the shoe. You can even make a little studio with paper or a sheet to use as your backdrop.

  6. **Always tap the screen to lock your focus**

  7. Put 15-20 of your photos onto a collage using PicCollage or your phone. Watch these YouTube videos which show you how to do this: Phone collage, PicCollage app.

  8. **Be creative with your design!**

  9. Go back to Teams and turn in your collage of shoe photographs.

Below is an example of the collage of photographs you will create following this lesson:

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