Monday 9/28/20: Photo Editing on Snapseed!

Today we will concentrate on developing our photo editing skills on Snapseed.  There are two new assignments to work on today.

First, let’s revisit the basics of tuning an image:

Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Ambience, Highlights, Shadows, and Warmth.

1. Editing Guava Photo Assignment:

Save the before picture below to your camera roll. Follow these steps to get the same results.  Place on a collage and turn into the Teams assignment titled,  “Editing Guava Photo”.

Black and White editing for Light and Shadow Photos:

Turn in your shadow photography photos into the Light and Shadow Photography assignment on Teams today!

2. Photo Editing Assignment (6 photos):

Edit a total of 6 photos that are already saved in your camera roll but that you have not used for any projects.  Use the editing steps demonstrated above, but tailor it to each photo’s needs.  Place in a evenly spaced 12-photo grid to show the before & after for each photo.  Turn into Teams assignment, “Photo Editing Assignment”.

Ready to take it to the next level??

You can try out these techniques on your own or wait until tomorrow when I give a tutorial on this stuff. 🙂



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