Friday 10/2/20: Double Exposure, Double the Fun!


-Use editing techniques learned in class to create double exposure photography that may express something about you.

-Have fun and experiment! 

Double Exposure Project Instructions

Create a total of TWO double exposure photographs. Turn them in as individual files on the Teams assignment: “Double Exposure” by Monday 10/05/20.

Reminder: make your portrait black and white with high contrast first! Use Tune Image on Snapseed to bring down the Saturation all the way down, increase Brightness, then increase Contrast significantly.  After that you can click on Double Exposure to begin.

1.Use a portrait of yourself and a landscape photo from an online source to produce an aesthetically pleasing composition.  Perhaps the landscape photo expresses something about you?  Perhaps it expresses a mood?

2.Create a second double exposure of your choice from the following menu:

  • Use a portrait of yourself plus another photo that YOU have taken to produce and aesthetically pleasing composition. (It does not have to be a landscape photo.)
  • Combine two portraits of yourself to produce an interesting composition.
  • Symbolic self portrait: combine photos of subject matter that express something about you (at least one photo must be taken by you).
  • Use a portrait of yourself with a photo of animal to produce an aesthetically pleasing composition (animal photo can be from online source).

Some inspiration (student produced and some from the Internet):



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