Thursday 10/8/20: Speak Out/Be Seen

What concerns you?  What are you passionate about? What do you wish you could change? What story do you think needs to be seen or heard?


The objective: use photography to document or express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, or a story.  You can use just photography or combine with other mediums (painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, performance, etc…).

Turn into the Teams assignment: “Speak Out, Be Seen”:

  • 1-3 photos.
  • A Word document with a paragraph or two explaining your work.
  • Attach a photo of your brainstorming notes.

Due: Monday Oct. 12th. 

Begin by brainstorming ideas in a notebook. Write it ALL out.  Don’t dismiss anything!  


Contest Opportunity (Due tomorrow 10/9/20…sorry for the short notice!)

The PowerPoint with visuals and info is located in our Teams General channel.

Patrick Martinez’s Catalog

IG: @patrick_martinez_studio

The Challenge:

We all share a common need to be seen and heard. Every day we see evidence of people or groups who have the ability to control and validate where and how they and others are seen, we see it in architecture, magazines, billboards, movies, and marquees. The challenge is for you to tag and transform items in your everyday life. Mark up any object or surface you wish — stake your territory, with tags, poetry, song lyrics or images. Use stickers, patches, photographs.  Claim your truth, your identity, your story.

Essentially the challenge involves transforming everyday objects, surfaces and landscapes with your personal voice.

The top 25 pieces will receive a Pee Chee Memorial Folder by Patrick Martinez!

Take Two | Slideshow: SoCal artist uses Pee-Chee style to document police use of force | 89.3 KPCC


  • Take a photo of your piece and send along with your address to  Dead line to submit is October 9th.
  • Title your piece Patrick Martinez Graffiti challenge and tag  @patrick_martinez_studio and @charliejamesgallery on Instagram.


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