Monday 10/26/20: Portrait Lighting

Welcome to 2nd Semester (Term 2)!

We will begin by going over some common portrait lighting techniques.

Get your note-taking materials out (notebook or Word doc)! 

In your own words, explain what the following portrait lighting techniques are and how to achieve them (drawing diagrams may be needed):

  • Split
  • Loop
  • Butterfly
  • Rembrandt
  • Broad & Short Lighting

Now, in any presentation of your choice (PowerPoint, Word Doc, or PicCollage) you will need to find your own portrait photo examples of each of the lighting techniques we covered. Make sure you label them!

You will need to search Google Images or a stock photography site such as PexelsPixabay, or Stocksnap

Turn in your labeled photo examples along with your notes (Word doc or picture of your written notes) in the Teams Assignment: “Portrait Lighting Notes & Examples”.


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