Friyay! 10/30/20: Looking at Portrait Photographers

Take a look at the portrait work of the following photographers. Most of them are also on Instagram.

  • Pick your favorite photographer.
  • Look through their portrait work and select at least 5 portraits you love. Make sure that AT LEAST ONE shows a portrait lighting pattern we have been learning about.
  • You will also be required to find a little info on the photographer.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following information:

Title Slide 1: Photographer Name + your name

Slide 2: Place one of your favorite portraits along with a short photo analysis (camera angle, rules of composition, color, lighting style or patterns, depth of field, etc.) + why you love it.

Slide 3: Repeat instructions from Slide 2 but for a second portrait that you really love.

Slide 4: Include at least 5 interesting facts you can find about your photographer. You may include a photo of the photographer if you can find one. You may need to look beyond their website for info about them.

Slide 5: Show 2-3 more great portrait photos by your photographer. (No info needed)

Ramona Rosales

Djeneba Aduayom

Irving Penn

Steve McCurry

Lindsay Adler

Mark Mahaney

Due Tuesday November 3rd.

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