Thursday 11/5/20: Shallow DoF Scavenger Hunt

Part I.

Create a total of 5 photographs that make good use of SHALLOW depth of field.  The subject for the photos must be:

A. Portrait of a person (it can be yourself)

B. Something fun, silly, or strange

C. Kitchen item

D. Something from nature

E. Something you wear

Edit on Snapseed and turn in as individual photos. Note: You will need to record what edits you use!

Part II.

On a Word document (or picture of written notes) describe the following for EACH PHOTO:

  • f-stop you used (or how you achieved shallow depth of field)
  • camera angle used
  • list and explain what rules of composition you used (if any)
  • list the edits you used on Snapseed (or your phone)

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