Monday 11/16/20: Lifestyle Portrait Photography and More

Before we begin, please take a moment to fill out this survey: Click here!

Part 1.

Answer the following questions in your notes (typed or written):

  1. First, conduct a quick Google image search of “lifestyle photography”. What is this type of photography like based on what you see?
  2. Read this blog post: How I Define Lifestyle Photography
  3. How does the author/photographer define lifestyle photography?
  4.  Now Google image search “portrait photography” and then, “documentary photography”.What are those types of photography like based on what you see?
  5. Based on what you’ve learned/seen so far, what do you think lifestyle portrait photos are typically produced for?  What about classic portrait photography? Documentary photography? Environmental portraits?

Part 2.

We will watch some of this video: In Home Lifestyle Family Session

Now go to the Teams channel “Post Your Questions Here” and create a post explaining what you think is/are the main difference/s between Lifestyle Portrait Photography and Environmental Portraits.

Part 3.

In your notes, summarize the 7  lifestyle photography tips in only one or two sentences each. Click the link below:

7 Lifestyle Photography Tips


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