Monday Jan. 4, 2021: Putting our Photo Essay Together!

Welcome back!

First thing: please upload one image onto Padlet from your winter break to share with the class!  Feel free to type in any information about it.  🙂

Our photo essays are due this Friday, Jan. 8th!

Let’s revisit the Photo Essay Project criteria and details:

Photo Essay Personal Project_PDF Format

Photo Essay Personal Project_PPT

Photo Essay Submission Options:

  • Padlet
  • PowerPoint
  • Sway Presentation

Still stumped on what to do your photo essay about?  I’ll show you some of the photos I’ve taken for my photo essay. 

Here are some last minute ideas for those who haven’t chosen a topic yet:

-document the making of a recipe

-photographs that demonstrate your hobbies/interests/talents

-series of self portraits to showcase different emotions, styles, or identities

-portraits of each person in your household

-photograph what someone collects (shoes, figurines, gnomes, hats, etc.)

-series of photos that show beauty in the mundane/the everyday

-choose an emotion and find different ways to express it through photos

-day in the life of…

-photos of objects that represent quarantine life

What matters most is that you pick something that is interesting to you and employ as many techniques and fundamentals of photography that we learned in class (camera angles, rules of composition, lighting, focus, depth of field, freezing or blurring action, cropping to improve composition, flat lay, meticulous, portraits, and so on).

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