Tuesday 1/5/21: “Art in the Plague Year” assignment

Today’s agenda:

  • “Art in the Plague Year” Assignment
  • College Applications and CATEMA Enrollment (scroll to yesterday’s post for links)
  • Work on Your Photo Essay!

Art in the Plague Year-Photo Exhibition

Click on the link below (using your laptop, preferably) and take some time to view the work in this exhibition. Many of these are photo essays! Follow the directions below, answer the questions, and turn into Teams in a Word document.


There are 8 categories of work in this exhibition. Though I recommend looking at all of them, you only HAVE to view all the various work in the “PRESENCE” category for this assignment (total of 6 photographers in this category). Be sure to read the information that goes along with their work. Then answer the questions:

  1. Who’s work did you find the most interesting and why?
  2. Which photographer was exploring the innocence and vulnerability of kids during the pandemic?
  3. Which photographer studied both photography and psychology?
  4. Which photographer took their photos at night and WHY?
  5. How many photos did Lilli Water make per photo session?
  6. Do you enjoy looking at the work of other photographers?



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