Friday (yay!) 1/22/21: Uploading to Padlet and Survey

Today’s Agenda:

  • Another survey
  • Preparing for college applications next week
  • Upload your “Getting to Know You” photo to Padlet
  • Viewing and commenting on Gallery Wall
  • Photo Student Portfolios on Padlet

Head over to the General channel on Teams to take the survey!

Like mentioned before, this class is worth college credit at two local community colleges.  On Monday we will begin the registration process so you can get your free college credits when you complete both semesters of this course! 🙂

College App Q & A for Chaffey 2020-21 pdf

College App Q & A for SBVC 2020-21 pdf

-Uploading to our Class Gallery Wall on Padlet:

Use the link below or the QR code found on Teams to upload your edited “Getting to Know You” photo.  Include your name + a short explanation about how that object represents you or why you chose it.

Period 2: Click here to upload

Period 3: Click here to upload

Period 4: Click here to upload

-Gallery Viewing and Feedback: 

When everyone has posted you will then need to view the work on the gallery wall, find 3 photos that you like, and comment on them.  Your comment can include why you like their photo or object. Or maybe you want to share how you relate to the object too.

Over the weekend, create a Padlet account of your own!  This will be used as your online photo portfolio to showcase your photo projects from the class. 

Sign up for free with your Microsoft account (Student email and password).

Create a Padlet named “My Photo Portfolio” using the “Wall” or “Grid” formats.

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