Tuesday 1/26/21: Chaffey Application + Saving to OneDrive

Today’s Agenda:

  • Creating your online photo portfolio with Padlet (video tutorial located  previous post)
  • Chaffey Application
  • Using OneDrive cloud storage (demonstration + video tutorial)

Good job on the SBVC application, everyone!  Now let’s complete the Chaffey application.  This should go quicker because OpenCCC will transfer some of your info from one application to another. 🙂

College App Steps – Chaffey PowerPoint pdf

Links from the PPT that you need to open with Google Chrome:



For those who already have a Chaffey college ID number, use the directions with the link provided below:

CATEMA Directions – pdf


Here is a little video showing how to upload photos from your phone to your OneDrive cloud storage:

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