Thursday 1/28: Camera Angles

Today’s Agenda:

  • Camera Angles PowerPoint and Notes
  • Camera Angles Review Activity

Camera Angles

You will need to take down a few notes as we discuss camera angles.  You may use paper and pen, Word document, or a notes app from your phone.  Later when I collect your notes, you may upload them in any format as long as it’s legible!

PowerPoint: Camera-Angles

Review Activity

This activity is to assess whether you can identify/recognize the camera angles in existing photos.

  1. Find and save a photo online to demonstrate EACH of the camera angles we just learned about (6 total). I recommend using, , or Google Images.
  2. Create a Powerpoint or Word doc containing the photos you found.
  3. Make sure to label/title each camera angle you are demonstrating.
  4. Extra credit points if all photos follow a theme or aesthetic (dog photos, nature, vintage, architecture, the color green, etc.). Explain your theme at the end of the PPT/document to get the extra points!
  5. Turn in your PPT or Word document in the Teams assignment titled, “Camera Angles Review Activity” by the end of today.




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