Friday 2/5/21: Flat Lay Photography!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Flat Lay Photography Project
  • Period 2 only: I need you to pretty please upload your best My Toy Story photo to the Class Gallery Wall on Padlet AGAIN.  Include your name. Thank you!

Flat Lay Photography

Due Wednesday Feb. 10th

This is a really fun, easy and creative assignment. These types of photographs are EVERYWHERE. Once you start looking you won’t believe how many different places you will find them. They are used a lot in advertising.

A flat lay is when you stage a shot to tell a little story. These are often the perfect background in an advertisement that you might see on Instagram or magazines for example.

1. Look through this PowerPoint presentation for tips and examples on how to create a flat lay photograph.

2. Decide what you want in your flat lay. Possible suggestions:

  • “Tools of the trade” (hobbies, passions, work, etc.)
  • Ingredients For a Recipe
  • Post-Pandemic Outfit
  • Symbolic Self-Portrait

3. Find a suitable, interesting background and arrange your items to ‘tell a story’. Ensure you have suitable lighting. Go near a window, open door, open garage, or even outside! Indoor lighting usually is horrible.

4. Photograph using Bird’s Eye View (directly from above looking straight down). Take a few shots and then rearrange the items into a different position. Try to be creative with your arrangements but keep your composition balanced. Tip: stand on a chair, step ladder, couch, or bed to get a good bird’s eye view of your flat lay below.

5. Edit your favorite photograph using your phone.  Don’t rush this process!  Editing is key in making your photo look its best!

6. In Teams you will turn in 3 things:

  • your best flat lay photo in original form
  • your best flat lay photo after cropping and editing
  • screenshot or collage of all the photos you took

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