Friday 2/19/21: Portfolios + Intro to Rules of Composition

Today’s Agenda:

  • Update your student photo portfolios + Sharing on Class Gallery Wall
  • Intro to Rules of Composition: Rule of Thirds (be ready to take notes)
  • Rule of Thirds Postcard Project
  • Snapseed Editing Basics

Student Photo Portfolio

Upload the following projects to your student photo portfolio (your own Padlet account):

-Flat Lay photo (the edited one)-explain your theme 

-Capturing Life (upload your best one/s)-explain what you’re capturing

-Photogram Photo-explain how you created it

Class Gallery Wall:

Choose ONE photo from the projects mentioned above to share on the class gallery wall!  Include your name with it.

Rules of Composition

Today we will cover only the Rule of Thirds. Get your note-taking materials ready!

Rules of Composition PowerPoint Link


Snapseed Basics

On your own time, use these screenshots and video to help you get acquainted with the editing basics in the Snapseed app.  Choose any photo from your camera roll so you can experiment with the following Snapseed editing Tools: Tune Image and Details.

Snapseed Basics Video Link

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