Friday 3/5/21: Self-Portrait Assignment + Catch Up Time

Today’s Agenda:

  • Self-Portrait Weekend Assignment
  • Check your grade on Q
  • Catch up time

“Garage” and Open Shade Lighting for Portraits

“Garage” Lighting: Situate yourself in a doorway of some sort, just out of reach of the direct sun. You can use your phone propped up with a timer, held out with your hand, or enlist the help of a household member.

Open Shade: standing outside during a bright sunny day next to a house or building in the shade can provide some bright but even lighting. Again, avoid direct sun hitting you.

The goal is to have an uncluttered or solid background + nice bright and even lighting.

Take portraits from the front and the side view as well.  You’ll need one of each view for a Snapseed project next week!

Examples of “garage” lighting:

Examples of open shade lighting:

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