Monday 3/15/21: Peer Critique

Today’s Agenda:

  • Peer Critique-due today
  • Study for Semester Final
  • Work on Missing Assignments


Click on the “Photo 1 Gallery” tab on this blog and take time to look through the photos by clicking on them to view in full size. Choose a photo that you really love or admire.  It doesn’t have to be a Mix and Match photo.

Copy the photo and paste onto a Word document, then answer the following questions about it:

  1. What is the main subject/focus of the photo?
  2. What camera angle do you think was used and how can you tell?
  3. What rules of composition do you see being used and explain how?
  4. What moods, feelings, or ideas are expressed with this photo? Explain.
  5. What do you love about the photo?  Is there anything that could have been improved or done differently for more impact?

Turn into the Peer Critique assignment in Teams today!

Photo projects worth completing if you’re grade is suffering:

  • Double Exposure
  • Mix and Match
  • Capturing Life Photos
  • Rule of Thirds Postcard Photos
  • Photograms
  • Flat Lay Photography

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