Thursday 4/1/21: Product Photography Project

Today’s Agenda:

  • Snapseed Demonstration: Selective Tool
  • Product Photography Project
  • Hot Tips
  • Short Video: Editorial Photographer Tom Schierlitz

Click here to watch me demonstrate the Selective Tool on Snapseed!


  • The item you photograph should be something that can be sold so make sure it’s not too used up or empty!
  • Also, CLEAN your product before photographing it.
  • Smaller and shorter items tend to be easier to work with.
  • Have 2-3 items to use in case the first one doesn’t work out.
  • Make sure your product is in sharp focus. Tap the product on your phone screen to focus on it.
  • Get some close ups if it has interesting details.
  • Click here to see how bounced light helps fill in shadows on an object!

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