Monday 4/5/21: Update Student Portfolio + Reflection

Today’s Agenda:

  • Update student portfolios with your BEST product photo
  • Turn in reflection assignment to Teams (along with student portfolio link)
  • Continue Product Photography Project if you need more time
  • Post your BEST product photo to the class gallery wall

Your Student Photo Portfolio

Upload your best product photo to your portfolio. Remember to title your photo with the name of the project and explain what the project was about.  Copy the link to your portfolio and paste it on a Word Document.  Use this same Word document for the next assignment (reflection)…

Product Photography Reflection

Answer the following questions in your Word document:

  1. What did you enjoy most about the project?
  2. What were the biggest challenges or obstacles?
  3. What did you learn with the Product Photography lesson/project?
  4. Are you proud of your results?
  5. Is there anything you could have done differently to improve your results?

If you didn’t get the Product Photography Project done, you can use this class period to get caught up.

Those who turned in their project need to complete the above and then ALSO post your best product photo on the Class Gallery Wall to share with the class. (Go the the Gallery Wall Links channel on Teams for the link or QR code for your class period).

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