Thursday 4/15/21: Environmental Portrait Photography + Forced Perspective

If you have missing photo projects, I need to continue working on those today (Product Photography, Depth of Field Activities #1 and #2, and Shallow DOF Scavenger Hunt)!!

If you are completely caught up start a new “notebook” entry and follow the directions below…

Environmental Portrait Photography + Forced Perspective Notes

  • In your notes, write down what you think “environmental portraits” are.  Just take a guess!
  • Now do a Google Image search for “Environmental Portrait Photography”.  Explain what the results look like. (What do the photos have in common, what do they look like in general, etc). Did it match your guess?
  • Next, do a normal Google search with: “what is environmental portrait photography”.  Write down one definition that you find.

Now do the same steps but this time for “Forced Perspective Photography”.

  • What do you think it is?  Take a guess!
  • Do a Google Image search with “Forced Perspective Photography” and explain what you find. Did it match your guess?
  • Do a general Google search to find a definition for forced perspective and add to your notes.

Keep these notes for now (don’t turn them in).  We will add to them on Friday (tomorrow).

Have a great day!

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