FriYAY 4/30/21: More on Food Photography

Today’s Agenda:

  • Food Photography Video
  • Work on Missing Assignments + make-up Quiz
  • Food Photography Research Assignment

Food Photography Research Assignment


Create a Word document or PowerPoint Presentation that provides at least 10 food photography tips. Tips can include things regarding staging, lighting, camera settings, angles, etc. Include the URL of the 3+ websites you get your info from on the document or PPT.


  1. Google Search: “food photography tips” and/or “smartphone food photography tips”.  Visit at least 3 websites to find some useful advice and tips.
  2. Google Image Search: “food photography” and find a professional food photo of the following and place them at the end of your document or last slides on your PPT:
  • a food photography photo that you think looks amazing
  • your favorite breakfast food
  • your favorite cuisine
  • your favorite sweet or savory snack
  • food that you HATE or don’t like

Due Monday!

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