Monday 8/23-Tuesday 8/24: Creating, customizing, and posting to your own photo blog!

Today’s Agenda:

You will be creating your own photo blog website today!

After customizing your website, you will publish you first post featuring your best 3-6 scavenger hunt photos in a gallery view.  Caption each photo with their description (curvy line, something green, serious portrait, etc.).  Tutorials for each step are linked below…

If you want to see some past students’ blogs scroll to the bottom of this post.  You may need a password to view their website and that password is “photo”.

Step 1-Signing up with Click on the PowerPoint link below to follow the instructions.  Pay special attention to the part where you use YOUR class period number!! Follow all instructions so you don’t mess up!

Creating Photo Blog w Edublogs_Part1

Some recommended themes for your blog (these are just a few):

  • Blaskan
  • Affinity
  • Adelle
  • Aldehyde
  • Capoverso
  • Cherish
  • Twenty-Fifteen

Step 2-Customizing: Watch the video to see how to personalize your website.


Step 3-Publishing your first post: Remember to use the gallery mode instead of image.  And remember to change the “Link To” option to “Media File”.

Post your best 3-6 scavenger hunt photos with captions. Title the post, “My Best Scavenger Hunt Photos”.


Past Student Blogs: (password to view: photo)

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