Monday 8/23-Tuesday 8/24: Reviewing Camera Settings

Today’s Agenda:

We will review and get re-acquainted with camera settings using the Canon website and resources below.

Answer the following questions on a Word document using the “learn” section of the website (link above):

  1. What is exposure?
  2. What three settings affect the exposure of a photograph?
  3. What is aperture?
  4. How does f-stops relate to aperture?
  5. How does aperture relate to exposure?
  6. How do you create a shallow depth of field (blurred background)?
  7. What is shutter speed?
  8. How does shutter speed relate to exposure?
  9. How do you freeze action?
  10. What is ISO?
  11. How does ISO affect exposure?
  12. Why is it suggested to use the lowest ISO possible?
  13. What is the exposure meter?
  14. How does it let you know your photo will be well-exposed?


The use this link to experiment taking photos using the Manual Mode option which requires that you set all 3 settings yourself:

Once you get a good handle on creating the effects and exposure you want, try the photo challenge:


Depth of Field and Shutter Speed Info:

Depth of Field PPT

Shutter Speed PDF

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