Friday 8/27/21: Action Series

Today’s Agenda:

Create an action series where you capture the same type of action with different shutter speeds.

You will need 5 action photos that YOU take (you are not sharing photos with your partner or group even though you’re sharing a camera).

I recommend taking the photos at 10 different shutter speeds and then picking the 5 that will show a difference in how the action was captured to actually post. I also recommend using a MUCH higher shutter speed than 1/250 as well.

Edit the 5 photos a bit to make them look nicer and post to your blog as a gallery. (Complete the Photoshop Tutorials before you begin editing these photos, see 8/30/21 post for details.)

In the captions you will need to include your settings for each photo. Ex: 1/250, f/4, ISO 100

Your post will resemble the diagram below. Title your post, “Action Series”.

Wait, how do I know what settings I used??

Settings can be found on pictures that are saved in your folders by right clicking–>select Properties–>Details–>Scroll down to find Camera info. You can also view the info of your photos on the camera. Go to view your photo and press Display or Info on the camera to show you different views and info of your photo.

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