Thursday 9/2/21: Toy Photography Photo Critique

Today’s Agenda:

  • Complete My Toy Story Photo Project
  • Blog Post: 4-Step critique of a toy photo (due Friday)
  • 4-Step Critique Notes + Camera Angles Notes (due by Tuesday)

Blog Post: 4-Step Critique of Toy Photo

This link is the PPT we used to learn about the 4-step critique:  4-Step-Critique-Process-Notes-Activity

–>Take a moment to browse the following 2 websites to get familiar with the photographers’ work.  Then pick one photo that you really liked or found interesting to type a 4-step critique on.

***If the websites are blocked, you can still check out their work by typing the following into a Google Image search: “Mitchel Wu Toy Photography” and “Gabriele Galimberti Toy Stories”.

Mitchel Wu Toy Photography

Gabriele Galimberti Toy Stories

–>Type your critique on a Word document to copy & paste onto your blog or type directly onto a new post.  Use at least 4 sentences per step.

–>Include the image that you wrote about in your blog post (right click to save the image or use the “snipping Tool” to take a screenshot-save as a JPEG file). Publish when complete.

–>Submit the link to your critique on Teams by end of Friday.

The behind-the-scenes Mitchel Wu video below is just for fun. You can borrow some headphones if you want to check it out. EdPuzzle code: kopvehh

YouTube Version_Mitchel Wu

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